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"Companion"  Auto Air Kick Pump  is India’s first innovative-patented emergency air-filling kit for inflated tyre crises (2 & 3 wheelers).

Auto Air kick pump as a “Companion” during  the crisis of the punctured tyre is an innovative product, a simple kick operated air-filling device for the two and three wheelers (Vehicles with kick start mechanism). "Companion"uses the air compressing  ability of the engine to fill-in the air into the inflated tyre on the spot. A simple process of replacing the spark plug with a special adapter to direct the compressed air in to the tyre by the kicking. The additional accessory like the nylon dust is also very important feature in our kit. A harmless mechanical powder, when put in side the tube, blocks the air leaking out of the tyre (about 50%) as the light powder particles also tries to go out of the puncture hole along with the air. (tyre should be in motion). Puncture patches and adhesive can be used for the permanent repair of the puncture (if the user is able to take the tube out of the tyre).

Utilization: - 

  • On the spot air pressure check.
  • Instant air filling while low pressure.
  • In case of puncture tyre, temporary air filing to reach out to a distance.
  • On the spot permanent repair for the punctured tyre.
  • 50% -60% Prevention of the air leaking out while punctured.
A very easy to operate "Do-it-Yourself ” device is the most handy tool for the bike owners. Due to its utility & uniqueness, Auto Air kick pump has received the National award of 2nd Best innovation of the year 2002 by Hon. President of INDIA Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam  The Indian patent Regd.  No. is 266/CAL/2002.



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