JE 485 2-AXIS AT-S Automatic Servo Pipe / Bar Cutting Machine

Technical Specification
Max OD120 mmBlade size applicable275 / 300 / 315 / 400
Max Wall thickness (MS)7 mmMachine Weight2.2 Ton
Max Size of bunch70 X 70 (Any combination)Machine dimension feet7.0 X 4.6 X 6.0
All Electricals EquipmentsSchneider
All Hydraulic EquipmentsNachi Japan
All Ball Screw, Shaft & LM GuideThk Japan
Main Motors/ Hydraulic MotorsSIEMENS / ABB
GearsDIN – 6 (German Standard)
Fully Automatic Lubrication Systems

Main Features

  1. Auto feed (Bunch Cutting) – Auto Clamping – Auto Cut piece Ejecting, PLC & Servo Control Machine, Length Accuracy within +/- 0.10 mm. programmable up to 5 different lengths.
  2. Main Motor 7.5HP, Output RPM = Variable between 12-120.
  3. Material feeding is servo operated.
  4. Cutting feeding source – Hydraulic.
  5. Clamping feeding source – Hydraulic.
A fully automatic 2-Axis Servo controlled machine which as both material feeding and cutter feeding source as servo motor. This fully automatic machine can create 1000 different cutting programs. Each programs will have information such as your given name, nos of pipes in bunch which will be cut, appropriate RPM for the same and defined cutter path with variable cutter travel such as T1, T2, T3 (slow cutter feed at larger load and faster cutting feed at lower load in one single or bunch of pipes). 5 different length combination (within 6 m), and applied cutter thickness. Once this data is created as programmed, then it just need to be recalled from the drop down when you change job. This reduces 80% of your changeover time, same from human errors and most important, archives best blade life and least cutter cycle time. Total length tolerance is maintained with +/- 0.10 mm. with exact cut piece counting even with bunch cutting. Machine software has many interlocks which prevents many human errors which is responsible for cutter breakage other accidents. Machine as fully automatic lubrication system which will keep lubricating the all the required parts of the machine on regular intervals. Administrator has full control on the machine utility including data of hours of machines usages and 3 different counters.
JE 485 2-AXIS AT-S Automatic Servo Pipe / Bar Cutting Machine

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