JE 70 ATS C Fully Automatic Circular Saw Machine with Auto Loader

 SpecificationJE 70 ATS C
Cutting CapacityRound Bar (++)10 – 70
Tube10 – 100
Stock Bar Length2 – 6 mtr
Cut off Length (min)5 mm
Remnant Length (mm80
Circular Saw CutterTypeTCT / HSS
Saw Speed By VDF50 – 200 PPM
CoolantSol. Oil / micro mist
Saw MotorRMP1440
KW / HP10
Hyd. MotoKW / HP3
Hyd. TankCap. (Ltrs.)120
PowerVolts / SUI24VDC / 41f VFD 50 Hz
Machine SizeL x W x H Without Autoloader2900 x 2000 x 1800
Machine Apx. WeightBasic Machine (k.g.)2500
ModelDiameter (++)Cutting Time (Sec.)

Based on material considered C35 normalized, cut length 10 mm

Circular Saw Machines (Salient Features)

Highly precise machine with the cutting length accuracy +/- 0.10 mm we use highly precise ball screw with the cutting servo motor drive for fast and precise length movement. Rigid and robust structure for cutting head movement over liner motion guide ways which provides soundless and frictionless smooth movements of the head which increase blade life as well as cutting quality. Anti-backlash gear box gives soundless cutting and improves blade life with mark less cutting. Automatic round/square bar loading arrangement (available optional) Automatic lubrication system for accurate and interval lubrication. Automatic scrap removal conveyor. Excellent cut surface finish which does not required any after cut operation which improve productivity. Special designed electrical panel which provides easy operation and maintenance Hydraulic wire brush for better cleaning of the Saw. Suitable to cut pipes with adjustable clamp pressure. HMI displays features like lot size and no. of cut completed, next lot size, cut length motor current load, HYD. Pressure etc. general information for operator. Diagnostic feature shows fault, alarms, warning, caution and alerts etc.

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