JE Dual Head Automatic Pipe/Bar Chamfering Machine (Short Length)

Technical Specification
Description Pneumatic Type Servo Type
Main Motor Power 3 hp X 2 3 hp X 2
Working Length 15 – 250 mm 15 – 170 mm
Processing Diameter 8 mm – 70 mm 8 mm – 70 mm
Working Pressure 6-8 Kg / 6-8 Kg /
Control Systems Pneumatic Servo / Pneumatic
Size 1200mm x 1300 mm x 1400 mm 1200mm x 1300 mm x 1400 mm
Weight 550 / 750 kg 550 / 750 kg
All Pneumatic Equipments Janatics / Pneumax Janatics
All Shaft & LM Guide Thk Japan Thk Japan
Chamfering Length Accuracy +/- 0.050 mm +/- 0.050 mm
All Electrical Components Schneider Schneider
Production / Minute 20 – 22 Pcs 30 – 32 Pcs

Main Features

A fully automatic Dual Head chamfering machine with Stalker. It automatic feed one pipe after another, performs chamfering on both ends at a time, which includes OD,ID & Facing. User can select any combination of operations out of OD, ID & Facing. Angle of chamfer can be changed as desired, as we provide cartridge for almost any degree. User can get depth of chamfer as desired.
Double End Automatic Pipe Chamfering Machine (Short Length) (Pneumatic)

JE Dual Head Automatic Chamfering (Short Length Servo Type)

Elbow Double Head Chamfering Machine

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